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A National Board Certified Middle Childhood Generalist Teacher . . . in the Middle of My Teaching Career . . . in the Middle of Life . . .
and Life in the Middle is a wonderful place to be!

Monday, September 29, 2014

My poor sad little blog . . .  It seems that it has gotten tossed aside while life has just rolled on by.  I expected as much.  Such is the life of a teacher, about the time that October rolls around.  The reality of the school year has hit, and the pressure is on!

I am beginning to learn who the little people in my classroom really are.  There are 24 amazing young people who share my space every day - 10, 11 and almost 11 year olds.  They have all of this shining halo of hope and future around them.  Mostly, I just love basking in their light.

I love the joy of learning that they bring to my day - the sense of wonder they have in everything about them.  It seems as though the moments we share are just flying by.  I will cherish every single one, because I know they will end all too soon.

I love teaching.  And I love teaching 5th Grade.  It's a great place to be.


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