Teaching and Living in the Middle

A National Board Certified Middle Childhood Generalist Teacher . . . in the Middle of My Teaching Career . . . in the Middle of Life . . .
and Life in the Middle is a wonderful place to be!

About Me


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     I graduated from Arizona State University - West in 1995 with a degree in Special Education, and the 2014-15 school year will be my twentieth year of teaching.  I began my career in a private day treatment setting, and have taught in a variety of other less restrictive special education settings.  I have taught in General Education for the past thirteen years, and am now teaching in a General Education Fifth Grade Classroom.  I returned to Western Washington University in 2009 to earn an ELL Endorsement to my teaching certificate.  I have a wide variety of experiences that are reflected in my work.  I am particularly influenced by the concept of universal design in architecture.  This has influenced the notion that curriculum and instruction can also be constructed using universal design, or multiple entry points, so that all students can be successful.  Exploring these ideas has led to a career long focus and passion for differentiated instruction.

     I became convinced that a workshop model in literacy is the best way to provide for the great diversity of needs in my own classroom, so I obtained additional professional development in these areas, including attending the summer institutes at The Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University.  My instruction in other curricular areas follows a somewhat similar model, with whole group/grade level content and small group sessions that meet students where they are at.  This coming school year my plan is to further utilize technology to provide for a blended learning model.

   Every day is a journey!  I continue to grow and learn right along with my students.  This blog and the foray into technology that it represents is another way I continue to expand my knowledge as a teacher and a learner.  I invite you to come alongside me.  I am always in the middle of something!

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